Channeled Messages Session tonight

This is tonight. Channeled Group Messages from your Guardian Angel is immensely powerful and empowering. Each spiritual being has a different energetic feeling and purpose in healing and the messages that they share with Bertena that she in turn shares with you. This message will help guide you on your spiritual path for the month.

In this intuitive session, Bertena will also channel the healing from the spiritual being of the month and allow the energy to flow to you and where you need it. It may be physical, emotional, or spiritual, or all three.

This message and healing may come from your archangels, guardian angels, ancestral spirits, ascended masters, goddesses, celestial beings, animal guides, your higher power, and the Universal Spiritual Energy that is all around you.
Bertena will also provide an activity for the attendees to continue to work on to connect with their spiritual being.

The Zoom class is $25
If you do not want to attend via zoom or you are busy this evening you can request the message be sent to you after class via email along with the activity and other information received. Also, you can receive the any healing energy that was received during the class time. You can access the messages, activity, and healing energy at any time when you feel ready. The cost for this is $20.

Register here [](


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I am the owner of A New You Self Care Center.

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