Tea Leaf, Tarot and Reiki Sessions

On Sunday from 11:00am to 5:00pm, I will be doing Tea Leaf and Tarot Readings as well as REIKI sessions with tarot readings. Just let me know when you book what you would like.

I love doing traditional reiki, angle reiki, goddess reiki or faery reiki for my clients as they always feel as if a great amount of stress and pressure are lifted and peace comes upon then. During each Reiki session, I call upon whatever spiritual being you wish to assist me in your healing. I then use tarot cards at the end to provide you with a personal healing message from them. If you are interested in this then please reply to this email or text me at 859-437-0082. To book just choose an in person time and then make a note that you want to add reiki to your session. It’s that simple.


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