How To Make A Gemstone Elixir

To make a crystal elixir, place the gemstone of choice in a glass jar of water and leave it outside for at least twenty four hours to soak up the sun and moon’s healing life force. If you do not have twenty four hours to soak the crystal it is preferable to leave the elixirContinue reading “How To Make A Gemstone Elixir”

Types Of Crystal Gemstones

So you are ready to add some crystals to your home and rituals. There are four types of crystals to choose from: raw or rough crystals, clusters and geodes, slices, and points or wands. Raw or rough crystals are the crystals that come straight from the earth. They are rough and rocky and crystals suchContinue reading “Types Of Crystal Gemstones”

Five Crystals For Anxiety

Anxiety is unfortunately extremely prevalent in the current day and age. Most people will experience it at some point in their life. It may make it difficult to concentrate or be present in the moment. It can paralyze people from going out in the world and living their best life. Fortunately there are many waysContinue reading “Five Crystals For Anxiety”

Four Crystals For Protection

There are times in all our lives when we need protection. This may be a time you feel stuck in a toxic relationship, or it may be when you feel paralyzed and anxious from the 24 hour news cycle’s endless stream of gloom and doom. Perhaps you may just feel like you are being cloudedContinue reading “Four Crystals For Protection”