Private In Person and Distant Reiki Sessions

We are located in Bowling Green, KY. Sessions must be scheduled by texting 859-437-0082

No cigarette smoke or heavy perfumes please as I am allergic.

Reiki is an energy healing modality that allows the client to lie in a comfortable position and enter a meditative state which allows the body to accept the Reiki energy from the Reiki Master. Many people become so relaxed that they may fall asleep during the session.

Benefits of a Reiki Session
1. Allows your body to relax and lower your cortisol levels so that you may lose weight. Cortisol is what cause fat deposits in your body.
2. Relieves anxiety and depression by allowing the client to practice mindfulness and control their thoughts during this session.
3. Relieves pain, tension, and headaches in your body after exercise or stress.
4. Invokes intense relaxation in the client.
5. Assists as a complementary alternative healing that accompanies western medicine. It does not replace it.
6. Improves sleep and insomnia.

Most clients say that they may feel extreme hot or cold being sent to them. They state that they become relaxed both physically and emotionally. They state that their mind becomes still and that at times they see colors.

Private reiki sessions are either 30 or 60 minutes in length.
They are $50 for 30 minutes and $80 for 60 minutes.

Treatments include:
1. Crystals Healing used on both the client and master side
3. Chakra Balancing
4. Guided Meditation

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