Distant Reiki Attunements

Distant Reiki Attunements are correspondence courses that are usually 10-50 page PDF’s. You read and study them and then contact me for the attunement. These may be used for your self or in your Reiki practice. These are attunements that I have received and have permission to pass on.

Upon purchase you will receive the requested PDF, Attunement, and a Certificate of Attunement.

To purchase these Distant Attunements please text to 859-437-0082 or via email at anewyouselfcare@gmail.com or use the contact form below.

Spirit Guide Journey Activation Attunement This is a correspondence course where you receive a 30 page manual on Spirit Guide Journey Activation Program and when you have read the manual and completed the meditation then you will contact me for the distant attunement and electronic certificate. The Spirit Guide Activation Program has seven activations to aid you in communication with your Spirit Guides. They are the psychic protection activation, grounding activation, third eye activation, energy bodies clearing activation, meditation activation, Spirit Guide and Higher Beings Activation and the Dream Activation.

Lilith Empowerment for Feminine Energy Attunement  This is a correspondence class where you will receive a PDF manual that goes over the history and power of Lilith and allows you to attune to her feminine energies.

Celtic Reiki 1, 2, and Master Attunement counts as 3 attunements. This is THREE Reiki Levels that allow you to attune to the Celtic Energy and the Ogham, or Druid Alphabet.

Life Path Empowerment Attunement This is a 7-page PDF correspondence course on Life Path Empowerment Attunement channeled by Linda Colibert and passed on to me. The Life Path Empowerment will help you discover and strengthen your connection to your personal guides to help you discover your life path. It is very simple and straight to the point.

Energy and Magic of the Fairies Attunement This is a 49-page PDF correspondence course. Energy and Magic of the Fairies discusses multiple types of fairies- metal, air, fire and 9 others with attunements for each.

Fairy Light Worker Program This is a 36-page PDF correspondence course. It comes with 11 distant attunements to each energy of fairy including Green Man and Dryads.

Cosmic Soul Mate Love Connection Reiki Attunement There are 3 levels to this system. Level 1: Self-Healing. Level 2: Unconditional Love. Level 3: Cosmic Soul Mate Love Connection.

13 Ascended Master Reiki Attunement This is a 17-page PDF correspondence course attunes you to the 13 Ascended Masters such as Buddha, Jesus, Quan Yin, Merlin, etc.

Akashic Records Attunement This is a 21-page PDF that has the prayers to open the Akashic Records for yourself and others. They have been referred to by different names such as: The Book of Life, the Cosmic Mind, the Universal Mind, the collective unconscious, the collective subconscious, and the Soul Records. It is the past, present, and future knowledge of all things. It is the universal filing system which records all thoughts, words, and action. It is the repository of all human experience, a record of all events. Some say the Akashic records are like a Cosmic or collective consciousness. They are records of all talents and knowledge. They are not actual books or scrolls, though many people see them as such when they access them, but they are an energetic vibration. 2 2 It is this energy vibration that translates into images, forms, symbols, imagery, and language that the mind can understand. Every person can access their own records. Access to other records is gained through access to the Higher Self of that person-or-by one’s Higher Self going to Higher levels of spirit for access (With Permission).

Angel Guide Empowerment Attunement The Angel Guides Empowerment connects you with your personal Angel guide or guides. This energy is very high and helps you to vibrate on a level that allows you to communicate with your angel guides.

Animal Angel Guide Reiki Attunement Animal Angels Reiki connects you to the higher energies of those animals who have come into your life to help you specifically. These animals are with you to teach you something, to love you, and to bring healing to your life. In working with animals, you will discover there are specific animals that touch your heart more deeply than others. These animals are your personal Animal Angels, who have come to this Earth to help you in some way. Animal Angels Reiki works with the energies of your higher self, and the higher energies of the very special animals that love you, to help you connect with them on a deeper level, so that you can understand the lessons these special animals have come here to teach you.

Animal Empowerment Attunement Animal Empowerment Attunement connects you to the following animal energy in a 48-page PDF. Spider, bat, dragon, horned owl, butterflies, dolphin, jaguar, dragon, and crow.

Angel Ray of Avalon Empowerment Attunement Connect to the energy of Avalon in this 7-page attunement PDF.

Bold Goddess Warrior within Empowerment Attunement This is a 24-page PDF attunes you to the energy of Athena, Brigid, Macha, Adraste, Morrigan, and Freya.

Goddess Morrigan Empowerment Attunement This is an 8-page PDF that attunes you to the energy of Morrigan.

Goddess Brigit Empowerment Attunement This is an 18-page PDF that attunes you to the energy of Brigit.

Cosmic Dragon Empowerment Attunement This is a 10-page PDF that attunes you to the energy of the cosmic dragon.

Crystal Faery Shield Attunement This is a 6-page PDF that attunes you to the energy of the crystal faery shield.

Crystal Reiki Master Attunement This is a 4-page PDF that attunes you to the energy of the crystal reiki.

Dragon Reiki 1 and 2 Attunement This counts as two attunements. This is a 40-page PDF that attunes you to the energy of Dragon Reiki 1 and 2.

Djinn Attunement This is a 9-page PDF that attunes you to the energy of the Djinn/Genie.

Excalibur Reiki Attunement In this 10-page PDF, you will be attuned to this Reiki system you will be attuned to the energy of Excalibur, the Sword of Truth. You will learn how to tap into the archetypal energies of Merlin and the Lady of the Light to heal and manifest. This is an excellent system for manifestation as well as clearing away external obstacles to success and happiness. You will also use the principles of alchemy to create the life you want.

Goddess Bast Attunement This is a 13-page PDF that attunes you to the energy of the Goddess Bast.

Golden Unicorn Healing and Empowerment Attunement The Golden Unicorn Healing and Empowerment Reiki connects you to the unicorns in general, and specifically to the Golden Unicorn. The energies are very loving and bring great healing in all areas of your life—physical, mental, and spiritual. The sacred healing ceremony included in this manual will walk you through a powerful meditation healing that can be used to help yourself and others. The symbol given will help you to connect quickly and easily so that you can use the energies anywhere whenever you need a boost of loving healing energy to get you through the day or trying situations.

Karmic Reiki Practitioner and Karmic Reiki Master this counts as 2 attunements. This is 2 Attunement packages for a total of 15 pages. This helps you release the Karma that you have build up over your life and heal yourself.

Here is a list of all the Attunements that I have and will sell ALL 150 for $100. Message me for details anewyouselfcare@gmail.com.

1. Akashic Records

2. Angel Guide Empowerment

3. Angel Lightworker Program

4. Angel Reiki System

5. Angel Wings

6. Angels and Unicorns

7. Animal Angel Reiki

8. Animal Empowerments

9. Antidepressant Reiki

10. Azure Ray of Avalon

11. Bear Medicine Empowerment

12. Beauty Reiki 1, 2 and 3

13. Bio Galaxy Reiki

14. Blue Lotus 1, 2

15. Body Toxic Cleansing

16. Bold Warrior Goddess Within

17. Break Free Deep Clearing Reiki

18. Butterfly Reiki

19. Calm Kitty Reiki

20. Celtic Deity – Morrigan

21. Celtic Deity- Brigit

22. Celtic Reiki 1, 2 and Master

23. Celtic Wisdom

24. Clearing Self Sabotage

25. Colors of Money Reiki

26. Cosmic Dragon

27. Cosmic Soulmate

28. Coyote Medicine Empowerment

29. Crossroads Energy

30. Crystal Faery Shield

31. Crystal Reiki Master

32. Depression Flush

33. Deprogram Self Punishment Empowerment

34. Dragon Reiki 1 and 2

35. Elemental King Djinn

36. Elemental Reiki

37. Empath Protection Activation and Clearing

38. Energy and Magic of the Fairies

39. Essence of Love and Friendship Reiki

40. Excalibur Reiki

41. Eye of the Universe

42. Fairy Lightworker Program

43. Follow you Heart Reiki Empowerment

44. Goddess Bast

45. Goddess Lilith

46. Golden Unicorn Healing and Empowerment

47. Guilt Release Empowerment

48. Gypsy Magick Reiki

49. Happiology Inspiration

50. Healing Pet Anxiety Reiki

51. Healing the Inner Child Reiki

52. Indigo Light Empowerment

53. Intuition Empowerment

54. Isis Blue Moon Healing System

55. Isis Seichim Manual

56. Isle of Avalon

57. Karmic Reiki Practioner and Master

58. Koala Reiki

59. Life Path Empowerment

60. Light of Lemuria

61. Love Flow Reiki

62. Magic of Merlin

63. Magician Empowerment

64. Magick of the Unicorn Empowerment Reiki

65. Manifestation Empowerment

66. Melchizedekian Initiation

67. Metatron’s Cube

68. Mystical Mermaid Within

69. Nature Elements

70. Nectar of the Sphinx Free

71. Open to the Path to Mediumship Reiki

72. Order of Lightworkers

73. Path of Power Reiki

74. Penguin Empowerment

75. Psychic Message Reiki

76. Psychic Contamination Flush

77. Rainbow Dragonfly Reiki

78. Releasing Toxic People, Places and Things Reiki

79. Samhain All Hallows Eve Attunement

80. Selene Goddess of the Moon

81. Self Esteem Flush

82. Self-Love Reiki

83. Sexual Empowerment 1 and 2

84. Shadow Phoenix- Black Phoenix of Protection

85. Shamanic Empowerment

86. Shamanic Energy Healing

87. Shield of Archangel Michael

88. Soul Connection

89. Soulmate Reiki

90. Spell Clearing Empowerment

91. Spirit Guide Journey Activation

92. Spirit of the Fox

93. Spirit of the Sea Dolphin

94. Stealth of the Cat Empowerment

95. Stonehenge Energy Attunements

96. Trachyon 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011

97. The Crystal Dragons

98. The Energy of the Ascended Brotherhood

99. Totem Reiki

100. Wisdom of the Owl

101. 13 Ascended Masters

102. 13 Crystal Skulls

103. 20 Angel Essences Attunement

104. Abundantia- Ray

105. Ahara Reiki

106. Akashic Angels

107. Alien Aura Device

108. Alchemy Reiki

109. Allowing Abundance Attunement

110. Ama Deus Reiki

111. Amulets of Kemet

112. Aquamarine Dolphin Ray

113. Atlantean Dolphins

114. Breath of Life Attunement

115. Chinese Dragon

116. Clearing Karma Removal

117. Colours of Angels

118. Elven Shamanic Healing

119. Energy of the Bodhisattvas

120. Eye of the Universe

121. Fairy Realms Reiki

122. Lilith Empowerment

123. Cosmic Soulmate Love Connection Reiki Attunements

124. Goddess Morrigan

125. Goddess Brigit

126. Djinn Reiki

127. Huno Ho- Omana Energy Attunement

128. Kundalini Reiki 1-9

129. Lavender Flame Reiki

130. Lemurian Energy 21 Concepts

131. Lemurian Seed Crystals 1, 2, 3, 4

132. Love Cocoons

133. Mantra Reiki

134. Orb of Life

135. Phoenix Rising Reiki

136. Quan Yin’s Lavender Flame

137. Raku Fire Dragon

138. Real Vampire Reiki

139. Real Psychic Attunement

140. Sacred Silver Moon

141. Sapphire of Angels- Pink Sapphire

142. Sapphire of Angels- White Sapphire

143. Shamballa System

144. Tibetan Reiki

145. Violet Flame Reiki

146. White Brotherhood

147. White Dove Reiki

148. White Tara Reiki

149. Wild God Empowerment

150. Zodiac Reiki

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