Using Intuition To Read Tarot

We all have a certain degree of what is called intuition. This may or may not include being psychic as well. Intuition is our innate ability to sense things in the world around us. It is our instinctive or unconscious knowing that has nothing to do with our cognitive abilities of reason and logic. IntuitionContinue reading “Using Intuition To Read Tarot”

Modern Divination Techniques

Whether in movies or books or in life, it is human nature to be curious about what happens next, what the future holds in store. Because of this curiosity divination methods were developed, some even centuries old. There are several tools and ways to divine the future. Popular forms are crystal (ball) gazing, tarot cardContinue reading “Modern Divination Techniques”

Divination Through Cartomancy

Cartomancy is a method of divination that utilizes a deck of cards. While the practice has been popular for hundreds of years, it has seen a recent surge in popularity with a new wave of independently published and mass marketed Tarot decks hitting the market. Initially, cartomancy was done with basic playing cards. In manyContinue reading “Divination Through Cartomancy”

Types of Clairvoyance: Voluntary Vs. Involuntary

The direct translation of the word clairvoyance is ‘clear sight’. It is defined as the ability to perceive or even see with the mind’s eye something that is going on without any previous knowledge of the event. Most paranormal professionals and enthusiasts believe that psychic ability resides (albeit unlocked) within every human being. Their beliefContinue reading “Types of Clairvoyance: Voluntary Vs. Involuntary”

Choosing Your Seer and The Ethics of Divination

Professionals have their regulatory bodies and codes of practice, but individuals involved in mystical work are often self taught. This can leave them feeling they are in something of a grey zone when it comes to dealing with the public appropriately. From the point of view of the client, it makes it difficult to knowContinue reading “Choosing Your Seer and The Ethics of Divination”