Spiritual Consciousness

All of life is welcoming you into a new reality, which is unfolding and emerging right before your eyes. You may not see this new reality with your physical senses yet, but your body, your consciousness, your intuition and your dreams are already actively involved in this new spiritual consciousness that is emerging. For some,Continue reading “Spiritual Consciousness”

Ancient Rituals Of Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual awakening is a goal that everyone seems to be looking for. Ever since the prehistoric period, people have been on the quest for a divine union and enlightenment. There are different ancient rituals performed by different groups of people worldwide. Indigenous cultures that still exist now, show us a glimpse of ancient people’s questContinue reading “Ancient Rituals Of Spiritual Awakening”

It’s Better To Trust Yourself And Be Wrong Than To Not Trust Yourself At All

Have you ever struggled to make a decision or enter into a commitment because you didn’t trust your ability to make the right choice? How many times have you gotten a feeling in the pit of your stomach that something was not right? Did you pay attention to your intuition or did you ignore it?Continue reading “It’s Better To Trust Yourself And Be Wrong Than To Not Trust Yourself At All”

How Inner Wisdom And Intuition Can Strengthen You During Difficult

All of us were created with an innate inner wisdom which guides our lives, serves as an inner “truth meter” and helps us to make important decisions at critical turning points in our lives. Some call this natural gift intuition, spiritual guidance or “gut feelings”. Each of us connects to intuition in our own uniqueContinue reading “How Inner Wisdom And Intuition Can Strengthen You During Difficult”

The Higher Self Is The Voice Of The Soul

As we look at the pain in the world around us, we see many things we deeply desire to heal and change. Many of those things seem beyond our ability to influence and change. There is one thing we can change about ourselves. We can look deep within, moving closer to the truth of whoContinue reading “The Higher Self Is The Voice Of The Soul”