A Beginner’s Tarot Journal

https://www.amazon.com/Beginners-Tarot-Journal-Bertena-Varney/dp/B088B24LPV A Beginner’s Tarot Journal contains journal pages for the beginner tarot reader to record their daily card. There is a section to discuss the detail of the card, the symbols that the card holds, and the feeling that the card imparts on the beginning reader. There is a section for the evening reflection asContinue reading “A Beginner’s Tarot Journal”

The Benefits of Journaling

Who Can Journal? Anyone who wants to focus on aspects of their life from emotions to goals. Women, men, children. Anyone who wants to focus on internal or external goals. People who want to record memories or experiences. Journal Prompt #1 Describe yourself and why you want to journal or why you came to thisContinue reading “The Benefits of Journaling”